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Pretty Kinvarra on Galway Bay

County Galway is often seen as the best of both worlds:  Awesome scenery and Galway City, a glittering phantasm.`

Not far away there are peaceful valleys, the immense Galway Bay, and the spirit of WB Yeats walking just behind you.  There are also calm cruises to take on rivers.

Go around the bay and seek out the sweet towns.  One of our favorites is Kinvarra.  You’ll pass through a dozen towns around the bay before you arrive.  When you do, you’ll be enchanted with the small town backed up against some very awesome, natural beauty.

Take a walk around.  Breathe in the centuries and diverse people that have blown through.  Wander its harbor and be amazed at the pier cottages tipping precariously, and forever, over the Bay.

Kinvarra hosts a traditional music festival in May.  Come August, there is a gathering of fishing boats.

Wander and enjoy!

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