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“Anyone who plunges into the past realizes, as St. Augustine did in the 4th century, that the past is not the past.  It is merely a dimension of the mind, waiting to be revived in the imagination…waiting to be remembered.” — Robert Meagher


How many layers of time does Ancient Ireland cover?  It’s certainly older than the quaint villages, many of which were built on top of castles and medieval towns.  Is Ancient Ireland the time of St. Patrick?  Or perhaps it begins before, during the time of the Druids.  Now we’ve reached back through Christian Ireland to Celtic Ireland, and surely that must be ancient.  Well, yes and no…

The truly ancient sites in Ireland such as the Boyne Valley, Newgrange and the Hill of Tara are 1,000s of years older than the Celts and the Christians.  Who were these people?  However mysterious they are, the Celts were latecomers to Ireland.  Here is what we do know about the earliest people in Ireland:  They lived during a time when Ireland simply wasn’t Irish.  Not yet, and not in the way we think of it now.

Ireland’s ancient history is only recently coming to light.  Now it shares the spotlight with Greece in travelers who are hungry for a taste of the ancient mixed with a taste of connection to land and place.  In almost every farmer’s field, some piece of Ancient Ireland has been found by the plow or the shovel.

Newgrange is 500 years older than the Pyramids. Stonehenge, built 1,000 years after Newgrange, may have been built of stones that came from Ireland.  These Stonehenge rocks do not exist in the area of Stonehenge, but they are abundant in megalithic parts of Ireland.  How did they get to the UK?

Take a plunge into the mystery. Discover Ireland with one of Authentic Ireland’s Ancient Tours or a spectacular Castle Travel Packages.

Featured Writers:  Win and Meredith Blevins


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 What Better Place is there to celebrate your Romance than in Ireland?

Romantic couple on Irish hillside

Imagine the welcoming fire of a 17th century Manor House  in Ireland inviting you into your suite. It’s the perfect atmosphere to reconnect, to unwind, and to enjoy each other.

If you can motivate yourselves to be around other people, take a side trip to the awesome Cliffs of Moher.  For your next stop we’d suggest an elegant castle built in 1590.  Just closeby, it’s the perfect retreat.  Cuddle up and explore the gardens, or amble over to legendary Killarney.  Wrap up your magnificent castle lodging at the library bar.  It is the ultimate kiss.

Dingle is one of Ireland’s best-loved towns, and we’re particularly fond of the Presidential Suite, one of the finest lodgings in Kerry. Dingle’s glorious bay, lovely shops and a world of music… Dingle’s hotel spa and gourmet restaurant are yours for the asking.   Finally, we’d suggest you indulge in each other’s company in charming Adare, and why not make it a Conde Nast Choice Manor House?  840 acres of rolling parkland and gardens will surround you with peace and beauty.

Sometimes the world spins so quickly, and we lose each other.  Our cure?  Surrender, and let Ireland stoke the flames.

featured writers, Meredith and Win Blevins.

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