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James Joyce in 1902

Enjoy some of Ireland’s best literature-as-theater as you travel from one infamous Dublin pub to another. (Dublin’s Pubs and Writers are a perfect match.)

No city is as rich in pubs and poetry as Dublin, and Dublin’s literary pub crawl is a genius amalgam of both: a 2½ hour walking tour with Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Behan, Beckett, Shaw, O’Casey, Gogarty and other literary greats.

In the style of Leoopold Bloom, the pub crawl meanders through the streets of Dublin, taking in the sights, the smells, the sounds and the scenes. A team of rambling players and minstrels completes the ensemble, giving renditions of verse, prose, drama and song from the literary hall of fame.

When you join this fun-filled evening of literary greats, you’ll discover some of Dublin’s finest pubs and sample the finest Irish Whiskey and brews.  The wit and humor of the troupe is almost as potent as the drink.

“It combines street theatre with the ‘craic’ that makes Dublin’s pubs the liveliest in Europe and successfully avoids tourist cliches that could ruin an evening of high art and low life”. — The London Times

Authentic Ireland’s dedicated writers:  Meredith and Win Blevins


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Ring in the New Year with Irish MusicRing in the New Year with Irish Music


  Ring in the New Year with Irish Music

       When you think of Ireland you think of music, and there’s a good reason for that.  It’s our gathering, a place we feel as one people at pubs, parties, on a street bench or in a park. The instrument maker and his creation, the beat and the rhythm, and the human voice lifted high have raised our spirits during hard times, and have been the background of our joy during good times.  

Ireland is the only country in the world that has a musical instrument—the harp—as its national emblem.  There is a way in which music captures the soul of who we, as Irish, are, and it’s a way that seems to touch almost everyone.  

Whether you’re in Dublin or a remote town, there’s a good chance that music will be happening in a pub on any given night. (And the pubs are now smoke-free.)  Some sessions are planned.  Others are spontaneous and all are welcome to join in with their instruments, voices, hands, spoons, and foot-tapping.   

If the session is planned and you like the group, pick up one of their CDs.  You won’t find them in stores, and you’ll be glad to have the memory of that time to take home and stick into your CD player while driving down the road or puttering around the house.  We love our traditional music, but all forms of music flourish in Ireland.   

Is there any way to separate dance from music?  When you hear Irish music, your body wants to move.  It’s not surprising that traditional Irish dance has not only made a huge comeback in our own country, it’s finding its way around the globe!   

And so we suggest:  Ring in the New Year with Irish Music!


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Irish Musicians party at Dublin's Temple Bar

The heart and soul of Ireland can be felt in the pulse of her music.

If you were to tour Ireland, and you travelled from festival, to traditional music in a pub, to an outdoor concert it could be said that you’d learn the real story of Ireland.  Her truth from the present, ebbing back into a shadowed past.

We’d like to thank Irish Music Magazine for keeping us up on the latest in the world of music.  And, we’d like to thank Authentic Ireland for showing us some of her music in person.  Thank you!

Share your stories (or fantasies) with us about hearing music in Ireland!

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