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The Busy, Bustling Streets of Lively Galway City, Ireland

Authentic Ireland’s dedicated writers:  Meredith and Win Blevins

In a nationwide survey, the people of Galway were found to be Ireland’s happiest residents. When you visit Galway City, it’s easy to understand why.  (Click the link http://www.authenticireland.com/galway?utm_source=authentic&utm_medium=email for a look around.)

Galway is a lively university enclave of narrow streets, quaint shop fronts, bustling pubs and stunning scenery. Galway has always attracted a bohemian mix of musicians, artists and intellectuals.  That sense of freedom and creativity is palpable as you walk the streets.

Galway has been an important commercial center since the 11th century when it traded heavily with Spain and Portugal.   In 1477, Christopher Columbus was one of Galway’s renowned visitors.  (It’s amazing he didn’t stay!)  At that time Galway was known as “The City of the Tribes” because it was ruled by 14 wealthy merchant families.

Today it is a vibrant, popular hub buzzing with festivals, parades, street musicians, and racing boats.  The annual Arts Festival attracts thousands, especially for its outrageous, glorious street parade.

Start the new year off with a dream.  Plan a perfect, custom time in Galway City!

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And the answer is...

In 1780, a Dublin theater manager, name of James Daly, invented a new concept and a new word.  (He was quite an enthusiastic fellow.)

He went around Dublin scrawling the word “QUIZ” on walls and pavements and flats across the city.  He was a marketing man, through and through. 

Soon people began talking, scratching their heads, and wondering what in the world was going on.  And, what in the world that odd word “QUIZ” meant.

The answer would only be given at one place, on one date, and that place was Daly’s Dublin theater.  The crowds poured into the seats, every seat was filled, and a word was born!  (And later…A variety of game shows with tall, blonde hosts and refrigerators up for grabs.)

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