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Stay in an Irish Castle

Stay in an Irish Castle!!

Discover the Heart of Irelandfor 50% off, while the packages lastThere are few spots where you can travel in Europe that are as timeless as Ireland’s wild countryside. Craggy coastlines and rolling meadows, dotted with sheep and an occasional crumbling castle, belong to the misty past. They shoot us back in time and we are there.

Dublin, Ireland’s capital, is an electrifying combination of history and a cutting edge art and music scene. Sample fine food, wine, beer, traditional music.  Step 1500 years into the past and discover the Book of Kells.

  Authentic Ireland Travel’s seven-day, six-night Dublin and Castles of Ireland custom tour provides a taste of all that Ireland has to offer.  You’ll follow a flexible itinerary that includes transportation. lodging, a rental car, unique guided walking tours, and some incredible meals.

Below is the itinerary.  Let your imagination take you for a ride!

Days 1–3: You’ll arrive at Dublin Airport and hail a cab to Pembroke Townhouse. This is an 18th-century Georgian Manor House. Luxurious and cozy, it’s your perfect Dublin base for three days.  Dublin is a walking city.  Get out and explore! You’ll arrive with a three-day pass for a hop-on, hop-off bus which goes by the city’s landmarks. One day in Dublin, you’ll take a guided walking tour that meanders through some of the overlooked pockets of this vibrant city. In the evening, enjoy music and brew in a legendary pub or kick back in front of the Pembroke’s fireplace with a drink and a book.

Days 4–5: On the 4th day, your rental car is waiting. Now, journey into ConnemaraThe heritage home of many Americans, this is a wild country, and beautiful, on Ireland’s western coast. You’ll stay two nights in Abbeyglen Castle, a sprawling stone fortress with ivy wandering up the towers. This storybook lodging features sumptuous guest rooms and amazing views of mountains, seas, and the dreams of queens and kings.  Connemara National Park, a wild protected area, offers a wonderland of lakes and glens to explore.  While staying here, you’ll enjoy a luxury catamaran tour on Ireland’s only fjord. Dine in peace aboard ship and savor your three-course lunch.

Days 6–7: A four-hour drive through Ireland’s rolling countryside takes you to Bellinter House, a country manor built in 1750 for a wealthy landowner. Enjoy the gorgeous grounds, play billiards, take advantage of the natural spa treatments. You can use this as a base to explore Newgrange. Newgrange, older than the pyramids, is an ancient site built into a large mound. The structure was used to calculate the movement of the heavens and it measures the winter and summer solstice. 

Feel the magic!  (And right now magic is 50% off while these packages last!)

Writer:  Meredith Blevins



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Ring in the New Year with Irish MusicRing in the New Year with Irish Music


  Ring in the New Year with Irish Music

       When you think of Ireland you think of music, and there’s a good reason for that.  It’s our gathering, a place we feel as one people at pubs, parties, on a street bench or in a park. The instrument maker and his creation, the beat and the rhythm, and the human voice lifted high have raised our spirits during hard times, and have been the background of our joy during good times.  

Ireland is the only country in the world that has a musical instrument—the harp—as its national emblem.  There is a way in which music captures the soul of who we, as Irish, are, and it’s a way that seems to touch almost everyone.  

Whether you’re in Dublin or a remote town, there’s a good chance that music will be happening in a pub on any given night. (And the pubs are now smoke-free.)  Some sessions are planned.  Others are spontaneous and all are welcome to join in with their instruments, voices, hands, spoons, and foot-tapping.   

If the session is planned and you like the group, pick up one of their CDs.  You won’t find them in stores, and you’ll be glad to have the memory of that time to take home and stick into your CD player while driving down the road or puttering around the house.  We love our traditional music, but all forms of music flourish in Ireland.   

Is there any way to separate dance from music?  When you hear Irish music, your body wants to move.  It’s not surprising that traditional Irish dance has not only made a huge comeback in our own country, it’s finding its way around the globe!   

And so we suggest:  Ring in the New Year with Irish Music!


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The Irish Sun Kisses the Giant's CausewayThe Irish Sun Kisses the Giant’s Causeway

       Sightseeing in Ireland

Sightseeing in Ireland

Wherever you travel in Ireland the pace will be gentle. There will always be one more friend to make, traditional musicians to hear, one more ancient ruin to explore, and another mind-boggling castle reaching to you across time.  Relax and enjoy.

Ireland is a banquet for the senses.  She has rugged peaks and mountains to discover.  There are 3,500 miles of coastline.  The lush pastures are an indescribable color of green.  And, through it all, run hundreds of rivers and lakes.   The most mysterious prehistoric ruins in Europe, older than the pyramids, are in Ireland.  The land carries the myths of a long line of Ireland’s people, from the Celts to St. Patrick, to the Norse and the Anglo-Norman castles and lovely villages.

Slow down.  Breathe deeply.  Whatever you decide to do, let Ireland present you with a vivid experience that is absolutely Irish, and absolutely unique.

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Dingle, Ireland is a most extra-ordinary place for pirate booty, seafood, and music. It’s one of our favorite spots in Ireland, if we had to choose.  (But don’t tell anyone!)

The place farthest to the west in Europe, it has a past almost as colorful as the fishing boats that carress the harbor waters with their quiet songs and bright colors.

In medieval times, Dingle made out trading with the Spanish and making off with some of the bounty from their ships.  (All’s fair in love and piracy.)  After that petered out, Dingle became quite a successful smuggling town.  So successful that they coined their own money.

What about today?  No more local Dingle money, although you may find some signs of Spanish shipwrecks should you search the coves carefully.  What you will find is some of the best traditional music in Ireland, and a lot of it.  There are over 70 pubs with live music, and the town is the perfect size to explore on foot.

So, if you love seafood, pubs, myths of bygone days, and terrific music, head to Dingle.  And figure you may stay longer than you imagined.  It’s a haunt of a place that pulls you in and lulls you with the sea, the food, the music, and the magic of stories heard late at night.

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Irish Musicians party at Dublin's Temple Bar

The heart and soul of Ireland can be felt in the pulse of her music.

If you were to tour Ireland, and you travelled from festival, to traditional music in a pub, to an outdoor concert it could be said that you’d learn the real story of Ireland.  Her truth from the present, ebbing back into a shadowed past.

We’d like to thank Irish Music Magazine for keeping us up on the latest in the world of music.  And, we’d like to thank Authentic Ireland for showing us some of her music in person.  Thank you!

Share your stories (or fantasies) with us about hearing music in Ireland!

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